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Lexical Peculiarities of Newspaper Articles. Correlation of Standard and Expressiveness

Lexical Peculiarities of Newspaper Articles. Correlation of Standard and Expressiveness

Модель: Курсовая работа 2012 г.
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CONTENTS Introduction I. Theoretical Part 1. Newspaper style. Definition of the notion. Approaches to the notion 2. Standard and expressiveness in the newspaper style 3. Definition of the notion standard 4. Definition of the notion expressiveness 5. Patterns of the interchange between standard and expressiveness ? Correlation between expressive and standardised lexical units in the text of the newspaper article ? Correlation between expressive and standardised lexical units in the headline and the text of the newspaper article 6. Expressive means generally employed in the newspaper style II. Practical Part 1. Expressive newspaper vocabulary ? Physiological units ? Metaphors ? Use of abbreviations ? Elements of the oral variant of speech ? Use of foreign words 2. Standard newspaper vocabulary 3. Analyses of the correlation of the neutral and expressive vocabulary in the newspaper articles of different type III. Conclusion INTRODUCTION The significance of the newspaper cannot be overestimated for it is as powerful a means of the mass media as the radio and TV as far as its two main functions are concerned: to present information and to influence the public both in persuasion and instruction. Still, despite a wide practical usage and importance of the newspaper, the way it has been scientifically investigated does not yet fully correspond to its practical significance. Thus, the newspaper language presents a great scientific importance: it is both an indispensable branch of the language and, consequently, linguistics, and one of the most accessible means of presenting information in the written form in everyday life. The importance of the further study of the language of newspaper predetermined the choice of the subject of the paper and the purpose of the latter. The purpose of the paper is to study one of the peculiarities of the newspaper style, the peculiarity of the choice of lexical means. The aim of the paper is more concrete: to study the correlation between the neutral, or standard, and the expressive vocabulary on the basis of current newspaper articles of different type, to distinguish between expressive and standard lexical units. The purpose and the aims of the paper predetermined the structure of the latter. Thus the paper consists of the introduction, in which the aim is set, the theoretical part, in which the attempt is made to define the notion of the newspaper style, the notion of the standard and expressive lexical units is made. The points of view on the subject of different linguists are introduced. The practical part presents an attempt to illustrate the most conspicuous expressive and standard lexical units. In the conclusion the results of the study are summed up. The method of the immediate observation, the elements of the method of the component analysis are use in the analysis of the material. The given paper may be of practical significance for those reading the English newspapers while studying the English language and especially for those who may take interest in peculiarities of the newspaper. The presented material can provide those interested in the subject with a deeper notion of what the newspaper standard and expressiveness are as constructing the base of newspaper communication.

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